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When I thought of penning down my experiences, the first challenge I faced was about what I should write.  The reason was not difficulty in choosing from many but absence of significant ones. I am of the opinion that once made up a mind to do something, it should be done somehow. When you have nothing to write, cook-up something add some spices for flavor. I believe it works.  After all how many examinations have I written without having a clue of the subject and gotten away in some cases.

Now that I have a topic to write about, I fell into another set of dilemmas. I was confused about the medium and language in which I would write. Though a Malayali, I never learned the language Malayalam properly. (I regret it now). It was not that I did not have the interest, but the school taught it only upto eighth grade. Therefore I must say English outrun my mother tongue when it came to writing. Another fact is that I do not have any language under my command. I learned a bit of every language I was exposed to. I understand that average knowledge of language is not at sufficient when it came to expressing ideas. Nevertheless, I have to try. “Give it a shot”, as they would say.

Choice of medium was also a problem. Most of my earlier writings rest on the backs of my note books. I have thrown away some.  Now that I have the opportunity of blogging, I think it is the best option I have.

So, I believe I have taken the “anticipatory bail”. This is my first blog. I have been in micro-blogging through twitter for over a year. I have made several attempts in creating blogs earlier, but never succeeded. I am looking forward to have a great experience here. All suggestions are welcome. Help me to improve.

Have a happy reading.