It was from my Uncle I first heard of blogs.  It was he who explained to me how people used it as means to share their views and how it facilitated the interaction between the likeminded.  I was fascinated by this idea of blogs-

“Exchange of knowledge”

 Imagine the situation couple of decades back when somebody who wanted to share his views could do all was to communicate with people around him. Not everyone could get an opportunity to write an article in a magazine or a newspaper, or could publish a book. The situation has changed. With the basic knowledge in working with computers and an internet connection, one could blog in the language he wishes to.  Now we can find people blogging on day to day topics.

What we can see is that blogs have facilitated association of people for a cause and raise voice against injustice. Recently I saw a blog on domestic violence. The blogger has come out public with her ill experiences at her own house. Soon what I could find was that activists and well wishers supporting her and offering further assistance in the cause.

Another way people use blogs is to publicize their literary pieces.  One of my friends who happen to be blogger is an excellent poet. He posts his works in a blog which is widely accepted and appreciated. It is an excellent medium for writers who don’t get an opportunity to be published in reaching the readers.

As said earlier, the blogs facilitate exchange of information. There are people who blog on academic and professional topics. If you want some information, you can surf through related blogs and find the required data very easily. Imagine the cumbersome task of finding the right books, reading the entire thing and finding what we required. Chances are likely that we may end up getting nothing out of books after mind numbing labour.

Like anything we have made, blogs are also misused. People having selfish interest who wants their propaganda to be established among people are using blogs as a medium. Unlike any other media, blogs can reach a wide world and most often go on with their evil deeds unnoticed.

It is a general complaint the internet have made us lazier. We have detached ourselves from printed books. So have we lost our patience in reading a book as a part of research or entertainment.  If there is something we don’t know, we nowadays surf the web than going the books in the shelf.

Despite the short comings, blogs are an amazing experience. An opportunity to be heard, discussed and appreciated is a very rare and great honour.

Like they say “Make out the maximum while you can”