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It is a habit for most of us to start our day reading the newspaper over a cup of tea. Nowadays, when we open the newspaper we get to read such kind of headlines that we would shudder to read further. I had to stop reading them in the morning to stay focused throughout the day. Such kind of atrocities! I wonder whether these people could any way be called human.  I am of the opinion that they should give special pages for murders, rapes and whatever ruthlessness humanly possible. “Are we still human?”

I remember that we were taught a subject called “moral science” at school. The intention behind framing such a subject was to raise the children with certain values that make them fit for social life. I also recall that the subject was never taught in the way it should be.  Often I heard remarks like why the subject should be learned if it doesn’t add to the total marks.

There are ethics and morals.  Morals pertain to a society while ethics are personal attributes. Morals are learned from one’s surroundings; family, religion society etc. Ethics are the choices one makes in his life, dealing with right and wrong. In short, it is one’s character.

Most of our social conduct is related to religions. Religious teachings from texts, let it be Geetha, Bible or Quran, aimed at only one thing. Well being of people. Man in his general behavior is wild. To enable him engage in a social life certain principles were required. -“How to live without hurting another”

But, now, where have these values gone? The inheritances from our forefathers are no more to be seen in the vicinity. We loot, plunder, torture or kill for selfish gains. There is no control over us. We have become above every law.  “What has happened to us?”

The present social system itself is to be blamed. When you blame society, it is the people we are blaming. Then we may ask what has happened with the people now. We have changed a lot. When we compare the people of older times with us, we lack a very critical element, the basis of social life, “the sense of right and wrong”.  This is nothing but absence of ethics. “What is ethical in a world that has a price tag for anything and everything?”

There was a value based social system. Society consists of families.  Joint families passed on values over generations. Nowadays, we know there are no more families but a few people who are together under one roof while sleeping.  The young are “educated” at so called “schools” were they are taught only the immaterial. It needs special mention that a majority of crimes are committed by youngsters. I would say a generation with no moral and adequate spiritual (not religious) guidance cannot do anything for the world. They are a bunch of people who are confused about right and wrong. They do what they like. Their justice is personal and not social.  I would also blame the unnecessary adoption of so called “modern” (foreign) culture in the name of social status. We have never adopted the brighter side of foreign culture.

The numerous unwanted customs and rituals that have found place in society over the years have deteriorated men.  Where is it written that we should not care for a fellow being’s for the sake of God?  Which God demands an eye for eye? There are no answers.

A nation is its people. Quality of people depends upon education. What I refer to here as education is not the present the nonsense they do at school. But, it is teaching a person how well he can use himself to the well being of society.  I am not suggesting a socialist idea. Knowledge is intellectual, emotional and spiritual awakening of an individual. We hardly let our young attain tis knowledge; the knowledge that doesn’t fetch you money or status but inner peace.

This subject opens gate to many debates. Most of the social wrongs are so penetrated into society that the wrong is the right now. Should we consider about a future generation, let us make sure that we raise them good. Cleanse them of the dirt we were forced to carry. Then one day, we may say  I am a human with at most sincerity.