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FILE108-001Have you ever heard of this word freedom?

The word so soothing that the rains envy.

Pull out my tongue, my hands will speak.

Chop off my hands, my feet will takeover.

Take away my breath, my words shall speak.

There isn’t a way you will ever succeed in shutting the cause,

the unquenchable thirst for freedom.

You plunder loot and do whatever heck you like, you dare not touch my freedom.

For your power is just the price for my freedom.

I am a free bird try not to cage me.

Should you ever try, bear in mind that there are a billion other birds in the sky.

And you lot, jailed in an impossible world

Talk to the bars but not me.

For you shall never buy me.

I walk this land head high and thumping footsteps.

Shall not bow to anyone who claims my freedom