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Long time fellas!! How are you all ? This time I come with something not written by me. For someone I love and respect. 



There comes a point in life when you don’t know which road to take, which path to tread. This truth is faced by most of you. You whine, you cry, blame, and even curse your destiny for having designed your fate this way. You have no clue about how and why things are happening as such. At one point, with a partially worn out mind fed up of fighting against the odds, you think of drifting along with the direction of the wind. Then comes a point when you learn to balance yourself through the course of this so called ‘wind’. Now you are confident enough to soar high up and above into the sky with all your newly gained glory. Alas! You are unaware of the fact that the ever mighty, life-giving, life-sustaining Sun is the most powerful of us all. You rise high, up and above, only to gradually and eventually realize about yourself melting like wax and dripping all over. You begin to disappear slowly. In the end, you are gone, away from everyone, away  from the world.

But, indeed, your presence is felt by some, who are aware of your existence. Though you are gone, your energy, your force, is taken all over and distributed by God’s messenger, the wind. The elixir of life, the rain, sprinkles elements of life all over You and brings about motion and dynamism. You feel energized particle by particle, atom by atom, ready to pick yourself up with the wind and go on a ride with God’s messenger. The wings of the messenger flutter to cause huge unharmful and soft swirls that helps scatter the newly reincarnated aura of you. The new and rejuvenated you, are ready to take on the mightiest of them all. You’ve got that thing in you now that has given you the ultimate power to face the mighty emperor, the Sun. You stretch your arms out wide and let off all the vibes of optimism to spread all over so that it doesn’t miss to pass through even a single soul. You see your vision and your dream gleaming into reality, coming into power. And that’s when you realize, your persistence of having held on to your strong beliefs had led you all this way to rise to the ultimate wisdom and glory, freedom and enlightenment.
Peace and harmony be with all.