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It came as surprise when Jyothi informed us that she was in town and wanted to meet us. It took me a couple of years down the memory lane when we all met for the first time. We tweeps (what we call ourselves, the Twitter users) met at the popular Oberon Mall in Kochi. It was uber cool. For the first time we met some of the people with whom we shared thoughts, joked with and had fun online. It also happens to be one of the major tweetups (our meetings) I ever happened to be a part of. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for the sun to rise the next day.

We decided to meet at the Central Square Mall in Kochi. Around noon I reached there, soon to be joined by Jyothi. Mukesh surprised us. Later Jayan Chettan and Remia Chechi joined us.

Momentarily the pack became active, discussing from RaGa to the potholes on roads and were lost in the conversation. Time flies. We were interrupted by the familiar rumblings from the stomach.  The aroma of good food augmented the need. The food court at the Mall isn’t bad. There are enough cuisines to confuse you like a kid in a candy store. We all tried different ones. They say if you want to know a person better, eat with him. Well, seems true. Lunch went on for another hour. I must mention this, the food was yummy. (Try puttu and kozhi curry from The Fort, you will understand)

 Unfortunately Jayettan had to leave early. We were back on to our discussion on everything-under-sun. I sat there observing others, wondering how people who have never spent time together outside the cyber-space could be so close. It felt like we knew each other for a long time. I have heard that friends don’t have to be physically together all the time. They are always connected and when they meet, it seems like they met only a day before

Having lost the track of time, we sat there upto 4.30 PM. Though unwillingly, we decided to bid adieu. End to a very fun-filled day.

It might seem quite strange to some why one should be so fervent about a bunch of strangers. They will understand this unique bond only if they are Twitterarti. This connection is made over the time, sharing the daily endeavors on Twitter. Tweeps are the first to know whether we got fired by the boss or are stuck traffic or won a lottery. At times their consolations in 140 characters are the best. Moreover it is a habit that in need to ask on the Twitter timeline than to post in Facebook. It is certain that is help is guaranteed in former than the latter were everyone is actually known.

I don’t know if the words could describe this bond. We are family. That I know.

Another day gets bookmarked among the pages of memories.