After reading, some of you may be wonder why I named the blog ” My Experiments with Life” when a better title would have been “My Experiences in Life”.I see life as a game. A game where you win, lose or draw, but with some exceptions. No pauses no cheating and no replays at all. We are born into the game and the game scene changes as we play. Most of the rules are to be learned while we play. I did some experiments, sort of adventures than playing “as the game changes”. Made a few rules of my own, broke some and, here I am, almost the way I wanted it to be. So rather than experiences, I would call them,experiments.

Thank you for visiting. You may read further. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

PS: You will find some advertisements on the pages. They are not put by me, but WordPress


4 thoughts on “Preface”

  1. nice wrk da.. gud gng!

  2. Hi Vishna

    Thanks for visiting soulsnet and leaving your comment, and now I have found you.
    Isn’t it spooky? I have just arrived at your Before you go page and I have just, in the last couple of posts added a Just before you go section myself.

    We must be thinking on the same lines.

    Look forward to staying in touch
    Corinne at soulsnet

    • Hi Corinne

      So you found me.You may be right.Thinking the same lines! I am also looking forward to staying in touch.
      Thanks for visiting my page. All suggestions in improving my blog are welcome.

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